Karen J. Kruger

Memorial Scholarship

The Karen J. Kruger Memorial Scholarship is an annual award provided to a Maryland Law Enforcement Officer currently attending, or planning to attend, a graduate or post-graduate course of study.

Karen Kruger was a leading national authority on police discipline and legal issues relating to public safety and a long-time legal advisor to several Police Departments and Sheriff agencies throughout Maryland. Over Karen’s career she became a recognized expert in the areas of police misconduct, police related civil litigation, as well as female officer’s rights related to pregnancy discrimination. In addition to many other roles during her distinguished career, Karen served as the Executive Director of the Maryland Police Training Commission and as the legal counsel for both the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association and the Maryland Sheriff’s Association.  Karen was highly educated and obtained three advanced degrees in her professional areas of interest.


-          A single recipient will be provided a scholarship of $2000.


-          Applicant must be a sworn Law Enforcement Officer, certified and currently employed by a Maryland agency or office.

-          Applicant must direct the scholarship towards an advanced degree at an accredited institution within one year of award.

-          Advanced degrees must be graduate level: Masters (MS, MA, MBA, etc.), Professional (MD, DO, JD, etc.), or Doctorial (PhD, EdD, etc.).


-          Applications must include the name of the University or accredited institution to be attended - funds will be paid directly to the institution.

-          A brief essay on why the applicant is deserving of the award, the reason for seeking the degree, and how the degree will further the applicants career goals.


-          Applications must be submitted to a sponsoring Chief of Police or Sheriff for consideration by the respective Awards Committees.

-          Selected recipient will be presented the award at the Annual Maryland Chiefs and Sheriffs Professional Development Seminar.


Nominations must be received no later than May 15, 2024.  See nomination form for details.


Click HERE for the scholarship nomination form