THANKS to our great exhibitors and vendors that have supported the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association & Maryland Sheriffs' Association in our 2023 Professional Development Training Seminar & Exhibitor Show!

Please consider these great product and service providers for your public safety needs!


Advanced Security Technologies LLC Randall Lofland 804-690-3055 [email protected]
Altumint Casey Jolicoeur 301-552-6201 [email protected]
Amchar Wholesales, Inc. Barry Witt 800-333-0695 X159 [email protected]
American Public Safety Alex Sgambato 980-721-2529 [email protected]
AT & T Christopher  Carroll 202-227-5345 [email protected]
Atlantic OccuPsych, Inc Douglas Craig 410-823-0555 [email protected]
Atlantic Tactical Joe Camp 202-550-5610 [email protected]
Atlantic Technology Group Dan Connelly 301-330-6260 [email protected]
Axon Melisa Guevara 520-404-0506 [email protected]
Baltimore Gas & Electric - Security Todd Powell 443.463.3506 [email protected]
Blauer Manufacturing Co. Harry Fisher 443-401-7897 [email protected]
CentralSquare Technologies Todd Herb 636-357-9301 [email protected]
Chapman Auto Group Dorian Jurczak 215-518-0100 [email protected]
Clearview Asset Protection Chenelle Thomas 570-971-8093 [email protected]
Coalition Against Bigger Trucks Liz Bolstad   [email protected]
Code 3 Amy Willey 262-352-9856 [email protected]
Computer Information Systems Inc. Shawn Clouser 847-757-8845 [email protected]
Cradlepoint Tom Welton 703-283-2269 [email protected]
CRIMEWATCH Technologies, Inc. Doug Demangone 717-577-8307 [email protected]
D.A.R.E. America Mark Medford 424-227-2384 [email protected]
DATAPILOT Joey Juarez 215-526-4899 [email protected]
Datum Crystal Kimball 800-828-8018 X 3699 [email protected]
Digital Ally, Inc Justin Appleberry 913-274-2571 [email protected]
Elbeco, Inc. David Rosenblum 484-220-1967 [email protected]
Exelon Joy Faith 443-844-6283 [email protected]
Federal Signal Jorel DeLeon 302-362-2129 [email protected]
Fesco Emergency Sales Stephen Martin 240-653-6137 [email protected]
FirstNet/ATT Chris Pelesky 202-227-5345 [email protected]
Fleet Reps LLC Kevin Walker 215-409-8742 [email protected]
Flock Safety Mike Venable 706-580-0510 [email protected]
Flying Cross Dan Collins 717-779-8038 [email protected]
Front Line Mobile Tech Sarah Ellison 443-854-1993 [email protected]
GardaWorld Steve Somers 301-373-0291 [email protected]
Getac Video Solutions Ryan Phillips 949-514-1286 [email protected]
Global Public Safety Ronnie Cooke 240-856-9016 [email protected]
GLOCK, Inc Alan Trees 770-827-7922 [email protected]
GovDirect Chris Wood 704-699-5868 [email protected]
Grand Canyon University Darin Pridham 717-562-4808 [email protected]
Guardian Alliance Technologies John Campanella 415-630-7622 [email protected]
GunBusters Ken Dale 910-568-5535 [email protected]
Harbor of Grace Kenneth Beyer 443-502-8606 [email protected]
Hope Uniform Josh Evans 484-794-7433 [email protected]
IDenta Corp. Amichai Glattstein 240-429-1268 [email protected]
Infiniti Pins, Inc. Steven Strauss 410-360-3777 [email protected]
In-Synch Systems Kirk Farra 724-601-1930 [email protected]
Intoximeters Jeff Aden 704-206-0950 [email protected]
J. Harris Academy of Police Training Jim Harris 732-684-1644 [email protected]
JAMAR Technologies, Inc. Gerry Kimmel 215-361-2244 [email protected]
Jenoptik Dorian Grubaugh 561-881-7400 [email protected]
Keystone Public Safety, Inc. Mike Gerety 609-214-7005 [email protected]
KeyTrak Jack Healey 937-267-6296 [email protected]
Lawmen Supply Jay Reed 302-440-2140 [email protected]
Lawmen Supply Ronnie Sitler 434-534-5897 [email protected]
Leonardo/ELSAG ALPR Systems Jim Craige 703-217-3926 [email protected]
Lexipol Mark Anderko 469-802-8373 [email protected]
Lexis Nexis Daryl Haugh 202-256-8757 [email protected]
Maryland Small Arms Range, Inc. Teresa Albero 301-599-0800 [email protected]
Motorola Solutions, Inc. Heather Tinney 240-565-5770 [email protected]
MW Studios Rob Manns 410-917-5158 [email protected]
NaphCare Sarah Elizabeth Brandt 205-516-8248 [email protected]
National Child Safety Council JOE BRICKER 804-314-9698 [email protected]
Off Duty Management Karen Killpack 346-307-5702 [email protected]
Opentext Ian Polhemus 425-898-3084 [email protected]
P25 Solutions Christian Barker 214-223-4903 [email protected]
Panasonic Doug Howell 857-275-0155 [email protected]
Pay Tel Communications, Inc. Mike Bronson 860-808-4935 [email protected]
Police Federal Credit Union Teresa Hagner 301-817-1245 [email protected]
Prime Care Medical Derek Hughes 1-800-245-7277 X1109 [email protected]
RedSpeed Maryland, LLC Kurt Zanelotti 301-440-6097 [email protected]
SecureWatch 24, LLC Pat Fox  518-469-9201 [email protected]
Smart Response Technologies Roger Mann 703 981-3214 [email protected]
Special Olympics Maryland Betsy Jiron 410-207-2146 [email protected]
Stalker Radar Dan Rinker 214-755-6324 [email protected]
Stevenson University Online Jamie Hill 443-352-5843 [email protected]
Street Smarts VR Eric Goldberg 631-456-0202 [email protected]
Team One Network Jason Meyer 540-408-3257 [email protected]
TechOps Specialty Vehicles, LLC William Krampf 443-848-2906 [email protected]
Telecommunications Access of Maryland Donna Broadway-Callaman 443-240-9969 [email protected]
Thales Ahmad Alkhalafat 613-221-5058 [email protected] Suzy Keenan 610-620-5100 [email protected]
Thomson Reuters Kathy Poindexter, Esq. 804-720-0050 [email protected]
T-Mobile John Wilson 508-801-2998 [email protected]
Tyler Technologies Kent Shull 248-928-4112 [email protected]
United Healthcare Retiree Solutions Whitney Konowalchuk 612-868-3617 [email protected]
UPsafety, a T2 Systems Company John Holland 267-615-1105 [email protected]
USC Canterbury USC Canterbury 410-991-7999 [email protected]
Verizon Ron Lyerly 908-323-1361 [email protected]
Verra Mobility Shelby Larriva 480-596-4565 [email protected]
VirTra Jon Merone 480-508-5978 [email protected]
Wilmington University S. Michael Cylc 302-752-4023 [email protected]
ZOLL Medical Corporation Andrew Penaskovic 508-847-8011 [email protected]